Many of us are losing our audience and aren’t even aware of it. You could be investing in Facebook and Twitter but your content is not seen. Your audiences, followers, and any other title you’d like to give your publics seems to have a large number associated with it—but interaction isn’t there. This is a sure sign that you’ve lost your social value.

How do you fix this? Know who you’re socializing with!

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If you are on Facebook and not getting interaction from your public, then your content is most likely not appearing in their news feed. A vast majority of your audience will never visit your page again after initially joining…they just scroll through their news feed. That’s why when you consider your facebook audience, you’ll post interactive content that creates engagement (and ensures your space in the newsfeed!)

When you send out those tweets, don’t just log off right away. Take time to reply to others and what they’re saying. Make comments on interesting topics, trends and articles. Twitter, just as with all social media, isn’t a one way communication tool. It’s a medium for two way communication. Take steps to build the relationship with others.

The same basic principle will apply across the board: Know your audience. It’s effective for Pinterest, Google +, FourSquare, LinkedIn and any other “social” medium. You need to know who you are socializing with and then begin the conversation.

AuthorCarolyn Kim