In communication history people talk about the “environment” that is created by new communication technology. What’s this mean for your business? You need to check your Media Thermostat!

We often use the latest technology for one simple reason…it’s the latest technology. We’re excited about it. Our clients and public may not be. The way to find out is to see how much two-way communication you have going on in the various communication tools you use.

Here’s what to do:

Make a list of all communication channels/technology (email, social media, website, direct mail, etc.)

List what kind of response you would be able to get from the average, engaged client/public. (I realize that “engaged” is a key word. We’re not all dealing with engaged audiences…in fact, most of us aren’t. But for the sake of your thermostat reading, it’s a good place to start).

Target Audience.jpg

Measure the level of interaction based on what you wrote down for number two. Are people replying or clicking links to your emails? Have you seen people posting comments on Facebook? Do announcements on your website produce a response?

You’re looking for two- way interaction that indicated the message you are sending is appropriately being delivered on that platform.

If you’re not getting interaction it is because A) it’s the wrong platform for that kind of messaging or B) the right message but wrong tone for that kind of platform. Adjusting either the platform or the tone should quickly see your media environment warming up!