Academic Administrative Expertise | Creating & Launching of Biola University's PR Major

Developed Biola University's PR program from a concentration with 40 students into a rigorous major incorporating four distinct concentrations with almost 90 students over a five year period. Responsible for designing the curriculum, assessment and extra-curricular dimensions to foster a thriving PR major.


AcademicAssessment Experience

Designed the assessment plan for each of the major's program learning outcomes, creating each of the individual course learning outcomes and key assignments for the PR courses in the department of Journalism & Integrated Media.


Courses Design & Teaching

In addition to teaching established courses such as Intro to PR and the PR Practicum, several courses needed to be entirely redesigned or created from scratch to support the current needs for a robust PR curriculum. The following courses were ones I had the privilege of designing from scratch or overhauling a majority of the course.

Public Relations Management, Ethics & Philosophy: Designed as the middle of a trio of courses to teach PR principles, this upper-division course requires students to participate in a campaign pitch competition with real-world clients, as well as write an original definition for public relations using support from philosophy and ethics.

Media Relations: The world of Media Relations has drastically changed…and in this course, students are introduced to some of the new challenges as well as the old theories that drive the industry. Covering everything from online news rooms to establishing relationships with journalists, students leave this course having developed a robust media relations campaign on behalf of a client and also have the training to receive certification in Cision (a benefit that has helped several students in internship situations).

Social Media, SEO and Digital Strategy: Students are often expected to know the digital world because they are “natives” to the environment. This course is designed to equip students with organizational usage of social media and websites, rather than personal. Student receive Hootsuite Certification as part of the Hootsuite University Program, as well as having the opportunity to become Google Analytics certified. At the end of the course, students have developed an integrated understanding of how SEO, social media and analytics work together to foster two-way communication with publics and yield measurable results for a real-client, who attends the final presentation.

Journalism & PR Research Methods: This class introduces students to research designs (qualitative and quantitative) as well as multiple methods of research procedures. Students participate in a group class study as well as completing an individual research project to be presented at the end of the semester. As part of this course, students receive NIH Ethical Certification before gathering their primary data.

Public Relations Leadership & Advanced Campaign Analysis: Created as a capstone course, this class requires students to clearly articulate what Public Relations is and the role it plays in today’s society. By investigating multiple campaigns from a variety of industries, students develop the skill to evaluate and deconstruct the public relations process. Additionally students present two case-studies, one examining a case of diversity within PR and the other focusing on a corporate client.

Crisis Public Relations: A growing area for Public Relations is the ability to understand and manage crisis. This class introduces students to organizational and environmental crisis management and focuses on helping them develop a crisis portfolio. Theory and practical application are woven together in an effort to help students grasp the complexities facing organizations today. Students' final project involves creating a crisis portfolio to present to Biola University's public relations manager.